The Designs I represent are exceptional items of Beauty, functionality and exclusivity.
They are manufactured by highly skilled local artisans and craftsmen, using intrinsically valuable materials, traditional skills and innovative techniques. Each design is unique and offers the ability for a client to enjoy it purely as a sculpture, or to use it as a functional peace of design furniture. The limited edition Designs appeal to connoisseurs and collectors of the aesthetic, the unusual and the exotic.
I am proud to offer the client complete exclusivity.
The limited editions in Europe are exclusively available through BiancArts. Each design from the collection is created and marketed strictly as a certified limited edition, therefore it will always be a privilege to have the opportunity to own one. This level of exclusivity further adds to the desirability of the design, the recognition of the designer, as well as the appreciating value of the investment. When the final edition nr. 100 has been created the foundation celebrates ‘breaking the mould’ to disable the processes that have been used to recreate each design so no further editions will be produced.


Form and Function (the designers)
The designers and artists combine the aesthetic beauty of art with functional form.
Their creations are totally original and are sculpted modeled, or cast in a variety of materials including wood, bronze, aluminium, precious metals glass, ceramics and leather.
The Designers and Artist are inspired by many influences and as such their work can be visually and intellectually challenging. They combine nature with feeling  and the story behind every piece makes you appreciate the final design even more.

Creative process

The designers and artists are supported by a network of highly skilled artisans and specialist craftsmen who enable the designs to be recreated as limited editions. Under the direction of one of one hundred, each designer or artist closely oversees the development process, to ensure the integrity and originality of the design is preserved. By purchasing one of the limited edition designs, you are not only investing in an exciting and exclusive piece of design and craftsmanship, but you are endorsing the philosophy of supporting a heritage of traditional manufacturing techniques and skills. When the final edition has been created the foundation celebrates ‘breaking the mould’ to disable the processes that have been used to recreate each design. This is a dramatic final demonstration that no further editions will be produced .

Bianca Frölich, a Young woman born in 1986, grew up in the World of highly exclusive Arts and Antiques. Her father Eddy Frölich has got one of the most beautiful antique shops in The Netherlands, were Bianca worked for quite a couple of years. Always been interested in new designs and exclusive art brought them to England to the founders of a new art concept.
 Bianca fell in love with the unbelievably visionary designs. These pieces of art, clearly inspired by nature took her out of breath.
After hours of conversation and  good meals they agreed a principal agent contract. Bianca is now one of the seven principal agents in the World who is aloud to sell and represent the beautiful designs of the one of one hundred designers. Principal agent maintains covering Northern Europe which contains Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria. 

 My Objectives are to:
* Find exclusive Galleries in Europe who may have the honor to represent the special  designs  to their clients and in their gallery
* Find Interior designers through Europe  who are willing to offer their clients something highly exclusive
* Representing the designs in our shop in Ootmarsum
* Presenting the creations to the most discerning clients, by appointment or by invitation